York Government Center

Monthly updates for the new York County Government Office provide an interesting insight into what goes into a major capital project.  This one was underway  about a year before I began to document it for the project management company.  Click to play the brief progress video.  

Ford Dealership Construction Time Lapse

Over 3 hours of drone video recorded during 9 months of construction of this new Ford dealership in York, SC went into this 5 minute time lapse.  It plays on a continuous loop on one of the wide screen TV's in the showroom floor for customers to watch.  It's kinda cool.  Turn your sound up, click play and enjoy.  

Useful Downloads on Drones in Construction

OSHA using drones in site safety inspections (by American Society of Safety Professionals):


Using Drones with BIM in Construction (by TheDroneU):


Cut/fill calculations and comparisons over time (by Drone Deploy) :



7 Benefits of Drone Mapping in Construction (by Identified Technologies):  


Overview of drones in Surveying (by TheDroneU) :


Connected Workflows: Drones in Construction (by AutoDesk)


Files coming soon.