Welcome to HAWK-i.us,  your Go-To source for construction and real  estate drone photography and mapping in the Carolinas.  

Welcome to HAWK-i.us,  your Go-To source for construction and real  estate drone photography and mapping in the Carolinas.  

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Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography


Like many of us, I got into photography when our kids were growing up. It was all film, and developing seemed to take forever and cost a fortune. The hot ticket was a 35mm SLR; then digital replaced film, Photoshop replaced print labs, and DSLR’s became the buzz with bigger sensors and higher resolutions coming out every year.  Mirrorless digital cameras got rid of the bulky mirror systems in DSLR's, replaced viewfinders with display screens, and the technology race and choices just kept accelerating.     

So…… does it really matter what equipment your photographer uses? Not so much.  If it’s the latest and greatest, it won’t be for long! What really matters is what your photo/videographer does with it. 

Most realtors want wide angle shots to show off the space, attractive lighting and composition, and favorable editing. We use the Sony A7M3 mirrorless system with full frame sensor and 24 MP resolution. We shoot as wide as 12mm up to 70 mm, a great range for real estate interiors and exteriors.   Remote triggering can get the flash off the camera for better control of lighting and multiple flashes where needed.  


"I want to tell you it's a pleasure working with you.  I appreciate you taking pride in your work.  Mike Ware,  WARE Land & Timber  


Love (the photos)!  Looks amazing!  Thanks so very much for  your attention to detail. 
Barbara Ferguson
Wilkinson ERA Real Estate


Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

Commercial drone photography was a natural extension of flying radio controlled model aircraft for many years.  We started with the DJI Mavic Pro, a 12 megapixel advanced "Pro-Sumer" camera drone.  The 4K stabilized video and striking photos were perfect for real estate listings and construction progress documentation.  Most of the early photos and videos in our portfolio samples were recorded with the Mavic Pro.  

The Phantom 4 Pro with its 20 MP sensor and global shutter was the selected growth path for greater zoom-in resolution, larger size for layout print media, and demanding technical  markets (see the aerial mapping discussion next door).   Of course, all our equipment, both ground and aerial, is backed up for continuous reliability.  


“HAWK-i.us has been extremely timely and responsive to our  aerial photography needs. The quality of their shots is exceptional and has  provided us with very useful tools in terms of schedule assessment, client  reporting and project documentation.”  

David Lindsay,  Vice President

Cumming Construction Management


Aerial Mapping

Commercial Photography

Aerial Mapping

Drone Mapping uses hundreds of overlapping aerial photos composited by computer, detailing site conditions for more timely and actionable information updates.   

Updated topos can be overlaid with site drawings for as-builts, compared to earlier updates for progress measurement, and imported into ProCore, BIM, etc for management communications..  Cut/fill updates and stock pile volumes can be estimated, 3D drawings and models constructed, virtual fly-throughs staged, and more.   The applications are limited only by the imagination of the user.  

Most of the time required for drone mapping is in computer processing, and heavy duty computing power is essential.   The Phantom 4 Pro with its 1-inch sensor, global shutter, and 20MP sensor is widely regarded as the preferred drone equipment for mapping.  

"This is the best as-built (documentation) I've received."

Jay Neal, Sr. Project Manager

Leitner Construction Co.

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Bob Russell is your intrepid pilot and photographer.  Faithful guide Ann Russell is the Visual Observer for aerial work, Quality Manager for photo delivery, and Advance Lead for interior shoots.  

Bob is a retired engineer, long time fan of aviation and photography, and a Contest Director with the Academy of Model Aviation.  He is insured, is a FAA certificated sUAS Remote Pilot, and is a licensed drone pilot with NCDOT.  Ann holds a BA degree in Commercial Art and is an avid quilter in her spare time.  The Russell Homes, LLC team celebrated 55 years in 2019.

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